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Door Harps

I first saw a door harp hanging on a friend's door well over 25 years ago and loved the way it looked and the sounds it made. I decided to make a door harp for our front door, and then started making door harps as gifts for friends.

As far as I have managed to find out, it appears that the door harp is an Old World instrument, which apparently originated in Scandinavia. It has been used in Northern European countries for centuries to welcome guests and bring good luck.

I created my own designs for the door harps. Some of them have the "feeling" of musical instruments (the Classic and the Junior), while others have a Biblical/ Jewish basis (the Hamsa and the King David's Harp). 

The door harp consists of a hollow, wooden sound box, strung with metal strings, which are tuned to a chord. It is attached to the inside of the front door, and when the door is opened or closed, the wooden balls bounce on the strings, creating a gentle, harmonious sound. The door harp's welcoming chimes will fill your home with good vibrations.

Woodsong door harps come individually boxed with a screw for mounting (good for both wooden and metal doors). A tuning wrench may be ordered separately.

The door harps are individually handcrafted and fine-finished, to bring out the grain of the wood. Since they are individually crafted, no two are exactly alike.



Classic: $98

Hamsa: $112

Junior Classic: $84

Trapezoid: $98

Triangular: $84

King David's:  $140

Sting Ray: $128

Amoeba: $155


Please note: The dollar price is subject to change according to the current exchange rate.

It has come to our notice over the past year that there are certain shops selling door harps, and claiming that they have been hand-made by Woodsong, in Rosh Pina. Please note that all Woodsong door harps have the Woodsong logo on the back, and are personally signed by Pete Isacowitz, guaranteeing our usual high quality. Any door harp which does not have the Woodsong sticker, and Pete's signature, is not a Woodsong door harp.

Door harp prices do not include the cost of shipping. The cost of shipping for a single door harp is $12 by registered airmail to any destination (registered airmail is NOT insured). For more than one door harp, sent in one parcel, please e-mail us for shipping costs. There is also a minimum $6 handling fee per parcel.

If you wish the door harps to be sent via EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE, which is insured, there will be a minimum additional charge of $15. For multiple orders, please e-mail us regarding shipping costs.

Postage and handling inside Israel is 25 shekels per door harp (by registered mail). For more than one door harp, sent in one parcel, please e-mail or call us for shipping costs.


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