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Welcome to Woodsong

Woodsong Celtic Harps: The harp center of the Galilee! Our Celtic harps, door harps, Belly Harps, musical tables, wooden xylophones and didgeridoos are all handcrafted in the Galilee by Peter Isacowitz.

Hi, I'm Pete Isacowitz. Welcome to Woodsong, where I build a range of Celtic Harps, as well as a wide variety of handcrafted door harps, Belly Harps (designed specially for pregnant women), didgeridoos (a traditional Aboriginal wind instrument), musical tables and musical sculptures. I build the instruments at my studio in Rosh Pina, in the Upper Galilee, Israel. I also stock a variety of kalimbas which I import from African Musical Instruments in South Africa.

Since ancient times, the harp's soothing tones have been used to calm the soul and inspire the human spirit. My harps are being played and enjoyed all over Israel, and have been shipped to the US, Australia, South Africa and England.

Tel: 04-6860313    Mobile: 0523-791670

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