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Some feedback from our clients:

hi lesley,

i received the door harps & cd today they are just beautiful. the workmanship is outstanding .i have already listened to the cd also that was just wonderful , maya has a beauitful voice. i am very pleased. i love to listen to the harp. god has given you a wonderful gift . thanks again . Thelma

Just to let you know that we received our first door harp. It is beautiful.

I am sure that my niece will love it.

Thanks again,



we just got the second door harp.

It is truly beautiful,

It has such an unusual shape and it is neat to have 5 strikers instead of 4.

I am sure that my nephew and his new wife will love it!

Thanks again.

Rich F

Shalom Peter.

Essentially, the feedback was that visiting your studio and hearing you play the didgeridoo simultaneously with the marimba, playing the harp, and listening to the CD all provided a wonderful high point of our trip to Israel.

Indeed, there was a spiritual experience for us, and it was difficult to stand during "Amazing Grace."

English words are inadequate to express our feelings, and the best Hebrew word I know would be mem-fay-lamed-aleph, which is pronounced phonetically as "moofla."

You have been gifted especially by our Creator.

Upon purchasing the King David style door harp, it was envisioned that as soon as our luggage was placed in the living room floor when we arrived at home,

I would immediately unpack the door harp from the carryon bag and put it on the inside of the front door to our home.

Peter, that vision became a reality.

Thanks, my friend.


Hi Lesley,

We received our door harps recently and are EXREMELY pleased!!!

The quality and craftmanship is beyond what we exptected (and we expected the very best, based on our research).

We are now eagerly awaiting news of availability of another Rosewood door harp.

Until then,

thank you beyond words!

Mark and Cari M

Dear Lesley Isacowitz,

I received the door-harp some weeks ago, and it was immediately put up on my sitting-room door, so every time we pass through we enjoy the sonorous sound of it.

It is very beautiful with the delicate decorations of the legendary pomegranates, and I am very pleased with it and with the interest it arouses in people.

Thank you very much.

Warm regards

Marianne W

Hi Les,

I received my lovely door harp this morning and it is already installed on our front door - admired by children and partner, too!

Thank you for your crafting.

Good wishes


Hi Les,

I just received the King David's Harp today and it is beautiful!

Thank you for your promptness.

It is going to be enjoyed for years to come!

All the best,


Dear Peter,

Thankyou for my beautiful door harp.

This was a gift sent to me by my daughter Anthea, for my 60th birthday.

It arrived safely today. I am delighted, and when I see the beautiful words 'Israel" on the package my heart leaps.

I am a Christian Zionist, and prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Peter,

Thank you so much again.

We have just received the DoorHarp, and it looks great!!

The beautiful sound of chaim is so soothing, we just melt into tranquility and the stressfullness disappears instantly, as soon as we enter the house.

My niece and Edison in Japan were thrilled to receive the chaim and decided to place it on the entrance door of Edison's music office, a perfect place indeed. Pascale, Remi's sister could not have introduced us a better souvenir of Israel!

Yoshiko & Remi

Dear Les,

Nice to hear from you.

I received my door harp and it has a such a lovely sound.

I never knew that "wood could sing.

"Your service was very prompt, too.

It's nice to know that the stores on my website are everything

 they claim to be.

Best wishes,


Hello Pete & Les,

I was so excited to receive my beautiful doorharp.

It arrived in perfect chiming order.

Thank you both so much.

I hope it will generate more business for you when our family and friends see and hear it.

In the meantime - good wishes for a happy Hanukah.


Hi Pete & Les

The harp was Exultant!

The wife loved it very much- it hangs at our Front door.

The sound of the harp, trails though the home.

Thank You

Kerick & Shirley L

Hi Les.

I just received the lovely door harp!

It's wonderful! The only question I have is in how to use the tuning key?

If you could briefly explain this to me I would be most appreciative.

Again, thanks for all of your correspondence and your professional manner.

It has been a pleasure!


Randi R

Dear Les and Pete,

This is to let you know that the door harp was delivered moments ago this afternoon and is wonderful--I'm very pleased!

Thanks for your kind attention to my pre-purchase queries, for your prompt and careful shipment of my order; and, of course, for the beautiful door harp, which I and those around me will enjoy in the years to come.

Sincerely, Myles

December 03

We received the door-harp yesterday and were stunned by the craftsmanship; very elegant.

Thank you so much, we will sing your praises to everyone who sees it.

Happy and Safe Holidays to you all.

The Dimons.

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