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Celtic Harps
The Celtic harp (also called folk harp, lever harp and Irish harp) plays a central role in the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and parts of France (Brittany).

The term "lever harp" refers to the mechanism (or lever) used to shorten the string's vibrating length and sharpen the note by a half tone, enabling one to change keys.

Lever harps (Celtic or folk harps) are smaller, lighter, more portable and much less expensive than classical harps.

We currently have two models of Celtic Harps:

 The 26 string "Galilee Harp", which is tuned from C, one octave below middle C, up to G. 

Weight - 5.75 kg. (with full levers)

Height - 96 cm.

Depth - 59 cm.

Width - 30 cm.

Price - 5,900 NIS with full Loveland levers; 3,900 NIS without levers.

Padded harp bag - 480 NIS

These harps are made from either maple, mahogany, or African Walnut. The soundboard  is made with a specially laminated birch or maple.

The 34 string "Kinneret Harp", which is tuned from C, two octaves below middle C, up to A.

Price - 10,800 NIS with full Camac levers.

Padded harp bag - 780 NIS

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